The simplest road to China for any business

For us Kiwis, the Chinese market has loads of exciting potential. It is after all one of the largest and fastest growing middle classes in the world, a rapidly developing consumer market and they obviously love what New Zealand has to offer. The challenge however is that this market is unlike any other market in the world.

It doesn’t come with the same DIY potential as other Western markets and chances are you don’t speak the language. To take a crack at this market you need a local partner to work with you to understand the market, build a strategy that fits your brand and has the tools, team and know-how to walk with you step-by-step through the journey all under one cloud…

Let’s do China together!

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Selling to China is complicated without the right support

This is where Silk Cloud comes in. Whether you are a large corporate or a growing business, we can help you access China.

Our specialists know the Chinese market and its logistics like their back pocket and have the experience and knowledge to guide you along each and every step of the way. Our process is simple, transparent and low risk.

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The Silk Cloud Ecosphere

allows you to seamlessly grow into China…

Our offering includes platforms and services that help you along each stage of your China strategy


First we help you:
  • Understand the market
  • Identify industry related trends
  • Prepare a strategy
  • Translate your product
  • Get on our cross-border store
  • Register Chinese social media



When ready, we enable you to:
  • Execute marketing strategy
  • Access the best market intelligence
  • Use our existing and developing sales channels
  • Source partnerships
  • License and trademark your brand
  • Payment and logistics sorted



Once going, let’s boost sales:
  • Get customer feedback
  • Increase your market reach
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Work with our Key-Opinion Leaders (KOLs)
  • Measure results
  • Refine strategy


Roadmap to China

Here’s how we will team up to get your products into China,

our specialists will be with you every step of the way. We help you to:

Step 1

Test the market

List product on Silk Cloud
Taobao store & WeChat store

Develop Daigou networks

Step 2

Legalise the brand

List product on Silk Cloud
Taobao store & WeChat store

Register Trademark in China

Step 3

Make some noise

List product on Silk Cloud
Taobao store & WeChat store

Advertising: SEO, Design

Step 4

Establish distribution channels

List product on Silk Cloud
Taobao store & WeChat store

Manage logistics

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Here’s what you need to know before you explore the Chinese market Learn more here:

About Silk Cloud

How are we different from everyone else? Most other companies will charge you tens of thousands for what we provide for free which is the foundation you need to access the Chinese market. What we ask in return is that you look at our collective skills and past successes and treat us like your team that will build a strategy together right here in your New Zealand office…or ours (we have a pretty nice view in Takapuna).

Did we forget to mention that with us you also get full transparency, control of your brand, simplicity, low-risk and endless potential!!

Sound too good to be true? Yea…we get that a lot! How about you call us on it.

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